Yoga. It is an age old practice that originated in India. The word yoga means union, or to yolk. It’s designed to help us unify our minds, spirit, body, and breath, with the goal of uniting our inner selves with our present world in a conscious state of inner peace and happiness. I believe that… [Continue Reading]


Whether you are completely new to fitness or a seasoned gym buff, deciding to work with a personal trainer can give you the platform you need to jump up to your highest fitness goals! Having a personal trainer means having someone committed to your personal health and physical development, who is there to encourage you,… [Continue Reading]

Personal Training

Boot-camps and group fitness classes are excellent and effective! You get a fast-paced, packed hour of exercise set to great music that goes by so quickly it almost feels like it’s too much fun to be a work-out! With over 7 years of group fitness experience teaching everything from prenatal classes to corporate classes in… [Continue Reading]

Group Fitness

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